May 1, 2012


"Christians belong to two families.  We're born into our biological families, but we're born again into God's family.  We're children of our parents, but we're also children of God... To be a flourishing gospel-centered family, you need your church family.  There's an old African saying which goes: "It takes a village to raise a child."  Or we might say: "It takes a whole church to raise a child.""

Come and join us at the Thursday Moms Group this week as we discuss Chapter 11 of our study, 'A bigger family' based on Mark 3:31-35.  We will look at how our family can be involved in church life, and how our church can be involved in family life.

Here are some questions for reflection and discussion this week:

  • What are the benefits of growing up with an extended Christian family?

  • Where, if anywhere, do you feel the tension between your Christian family and your biological family?

  • What are your obligations to your extended (biological) family?  What responsibility should your children feel to their extended family?  What responsibility do they feel?

  • What has helped your children see beyond your immediate family?

  • What stake do your biological and Christian families have in the way your kids are raised?  How can they be partners with you in Christian parenting?

  • Identify people in your church family that have a good relationship with your children, especially people older than your children.  What could you do to encourage them or thank them?

  • How do you open your home to the church family?  Could you have someone live with you?  Could you open your meal table more to people?  Could you 'adopt' a single person in your church?

  • Think of your last three family celebrations, events or trips.  Did you involve other people from the church family?  Could you have done so?  What about the next three family events?

  • Alex: "I loved having people come and go in our home when I grew up - so many good times - talking, playing, laughing.  Some are still friends with me today."  Harry: "I came to resent the many guests my parents had.  I just wanted my parents to myself, but the guests always came first." How can you ensure your children look back like Alex rather than Harry?

We will meet this Thursday May 3rd from 9.30 - 11.30am at 2/F Island ECC followed by a potluck lunch together.  Refreshments and childcare provided.  Newcomers always welcome.

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