We are a community of Moms from Island Evangelical Community Church in Hong Kong.  We are Moms to newborns, Moms to college grads, and every stage in-between...  We are teachers, doctors, designers, lawyers, musicians... We homeschool, send our children to international schools, have children in local schools... We are Christians, we are exploring Christianity... We work outside the home, we stay at home... We were born in Hong Kong, we have only just moved to Hong Kong... We are Moms.

On this site you will find information about our bible study groups, as well as details of our prayer meetings, special events, volunteering opportunities, and recommended resources.  We also have an online forum on The City.  There are over 50 Moms involved in our groups this term and we welcome new Moms every week - it would be lovely to have you join us.  If you would like further information about any of our activities please email Carol at moms@islandecc.hk

Our aim as a group is to equip and empower each other as Moms to build strong godly families that will change the culture around us by demonstrating the kingdom of God to our communities, and to raise the next generation of men and women to live their lives wholeheartedly for God and His glory.

Here are a few thoughts from some of us Moms about our group...

"This group helps me feel I’m not alone, that there are others going through the same experiences." – Myrna

"This group has given me great friendships and great support when I really needed it." – Beverly

"My closest and dearest friends in my whole life are here in this group." - Sonia

"I love my family, and I hope this group will help me love my family better." – Kathy

"The support you get from these Godly relationships is a whole different thing to friendships elsewhere." – Amanda

"This Moms group has been the start of my Christian life.  My husband and I were baptized over the summer and our whole family life is totally different now." – Yan

"I’m facing a difficult stage just now and my friend asked ‘Why don’t you come to the Mothers group?’. I decided I will come and I am so happy." – Candace

"I want to be here to learn how to be a godly Mummy and for support as it is my first time as a Mum." – Giovanna

"I come as I wanted to center our family’s faith here in Hong Kong, where there are so many other distractions." – Sarah

"What brought me to Island ECC was the Moms group, and now I have ended up working for the church." – Jacquie

"Through this bible study group amazing things have happened.  I learned to put God at the center of our lives.  We give each other so much encouragement, it empowers us to be better Mums." – Sunny

"God healed me though this group." – Sonia

"This group does great books, I still use the practical things I learnt from the first book today." – Jill

"I have two children who are extremely different to eachother, what works for one does not work for the other.  I hope through this group I will learn some universal truths that will work with both." – Whitney

"This group is not just about getting the information but living it." – Erna

"I appreciate all the Moms here very much." – Maureen

"I feel like God has created an oasis.  It’s a pretty important place to pour into when you can, and draw out of when you need." – Bernadette

"I have learnt so many things from other Moms, their experiences, questions, ideas.  You are not alone, there is always someone else to help you and give you another perspective." – Jeanette

"This was a safe place for me to rebuild my confidence as a mother." - Carol

"I have a preteen and all the answers I had don’t apply anymore, I hope this group will help me understand this new person in my home." – Lisa

"It is so encouraging to come and meet with other Moms who have the same goals – to be Christlike, and to get encouragement from Mums who have been there before." – Sue

"I know God does not want me to be alone in this expat experience, in this group there are Moms in the same situation as me so I don’t feel alone in my job as a mother in this big city." – Whitney