May 15, 2012


"Our children are not the center of the world.  They're not the center of our world.  They're not even the center of their world... God is to be the center of your family's world.  Yet that is how we often treat them.  We structure our lives around them.  Their good sets the agenda.  A gospel-centered family is a family that serves others to the glory of God."

Join us at the Thursday Moms Group this week as we discuss Chapter 12 of our study, 'A Serving Family' based on Mark 12:28-34.  We will look at practical ways we can teach our children to serve by serving together as a family.

Here are some questions for reflection:

  • Audit your children's involvement in household chores.  What do they do?  What could they do?  Do you need a rota or list of responsibilities for each child?

  • When do your children hear you prizing the greatness of service?

  • Who are your neighbors?  List the people you're linked with - locally and globally.

  • Who are your needy neighbors?  What could you do as a family to serve them?

  • What opportunities do you have to share the good news of Jesus with your neighbors?  What could you do as a family to reach them?

  • What evangelistic events does your church have coming up?  How could you involve your children in these events?  How could you encourage your children to share the good news with their friends?

This week we will also be hearing from Rebecca Gyra as she shares her experiences of being a mom to a child with special needs.  She will then go on to lead a discussion group for Moms of children with any form of special needs, learning differences or ADD.  Please come along and invite anyone you know who may like to join for this one off session.

We will meet this Thursday May 17th from 9.30 - 11.30am at 2/F Island ECC.  Refreshments and childcare provided.  Newcomers always welcome.

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