April 24, 2012


"Teaching our children to pray is not about imparting a procedure, but teaching them the character of God and His gospel.  We're teaching them how to relate to God."

Join us at the Thursday Moms Group this week as we discuss Chapter 10 of our study, 'Praying the word' based on Matthew 6:5-15.  We will look at how we can teach our children to pray by praying with them.

Consider these questions for reflection:

  • How did you learn to pray?

  • What sort of things do you pray for as a family?  How do they correspond to the priorities Jesus gives His disciples?

  • What are good times in the day to pray as a family?

  • Think about each of your children.  How are you helping each to pray?  What do you pray with them daily?  What do you pray for them?

  • When do you pray for something or someone outside of your home?  How are your children involved in this?

  • What would you like your kids to be praying for you?

We will meet this Thursday April 26th from 9.30 - 11.30am at 2/F Island ECC.  Refreshments and childcare provided.  Newcomers always welcome.

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