April 10, 2012


"We take our children to church, read the Bible with them and pray together.  But this is only a fraction of what we teach our children.  They watch our every move.  Your everyday talk teaches them what you really care about.  Deuteronomy tells us that we are to express our love for the Lord in our everyday actions and to declare His word in our everyday talk."

We are looking forward to meeting again this Thursday at the Moms Group after our Easter break and will be discussing Chapter 8 of our study, 'Living the Word' based on Deuteronomy 11:16-21.  We will look at some practical steps we can take towards becoming a word-centered family.

Here are this week's questions for reflection:

  • How do your family celebrations reflect God's salvation?  What could you do differently at Christmas or Easter to give an opportunity for children to ask why we do this?

  • How did you face the last difficult time you had?  How much of this were you able to share with your children?  Did they see your faith in action?

  • Do your bible reading times need adapting?  What's holding you back from starting or changing?

  • John Younts says: "Your everyday talk reveals where your treasure is, and therefore where your heart is."  What message is your everyday talk communicating?

We will meet this Thursday April 12th from 9.30 - 11.30am at 2/F Island ECC.  Refreshments and childcare provided.  Newcomers always welcome.

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