March 27, 2012


"Children are a gift from the Lord... In the midst of trying hard to be a good parent, don't forget to receive the gift with thanks.  And enjoy it.  And think, too, how you can help your children enjoy their family life."

Join us at the Thursday Moms Group this week as we discuss Chapter 7 of our study 'Children as a gift' based on Psalm 127.  We will look at practical ways we can enjoy family life such as: Showing love, spending time, being available, talking together, pursuing conversation, eating together, creating together, playing games, creating memories, and telling stories.

Consider these questions for reflection as we prepare for this week's study:

  • Think of times when your children have: made you laugh, made you proud, filled you with joy, moved you to tears.

  • Ask your children about their happy family memories.

  • What were your family traditions when you were growing up?  What are your family traditions now?  Could you create a new tradition?

  • When did you last take time to find out what your child was thinking?  What did you discover?

  • "The best way to get my Mom's attention was to be naughty."  Could that be said of you?

  • "If your child is ten years old, 3,650 days have already gone.  You have 2,920 left." (Rob Parsons) Does this encourage you to make any changes?  What's your plan?

We will meet this Thursday March 29th from 9.30 - 11.30am at 2/F Island ECC.  Refreshments and childcare provided.  Newcomers always welcome!

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